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Public Sector Projects

DKCO Attorneys-at-law assists in a wide range of public sector projects, including public procurement, social & healthcare projects, competition & state aid matters and administrative proceedings.


We are dedicated to providing comprehensive legal solutions to government entities, public institutions, and organizations operating in the public sector. Our services include strategic counsel, innovative solutions, and unwavering support to help our clients achieve their objectives efficiently. 

Public Procurement

DKCO Attorneys-at-law has broad experience of public procurements. Navigating the distinctive nature of public procurement requires specialized knowledge and strategic insight. DKCO specializes in providing comprehensive legal support to governmental and municipal agencies and public authorities as well as private entities involved in public procurement, whereby we are very familiar with all perspectives of and approaches to the procurement process. 

From drafting tender documents to advising on procurement strategies, we offer tailored solutions designed to ensure effective compliance with regulatory requirements. DKCO also assists clients with legal proceedings in the Market Court.

Social & Healthcare Projects

DKCO Attorneys-at-law has extensive experience of regulatory and commercial matters within the social and healthcare sector. In an era marked by evolving social and healthcare needs, DKCO is dedicated to supporting projects that enhance the well-being of communities and individuals.

We provide legal counsel to governmental and municipal agencies, healthcare providers and social service organizations involved in the development and implementation of social and healthcare projects. From regulatory compliance to contractual agreements, we offer strategic guidance to navigate the complex legal landscape governing these critical sectors, ensuring that projects are executed in accordance with legal requirements and efficiently. We assist both Finnish and international clients.

Competition & State Aid

Ensuring fair competition and compliance with state aid rules is essential in the public sector. DKCO Attorneys-at-law provides expert legal advice on competition law and state aid regulations to public entities and organizations. We assist clients in navigating competition issues, conducting compliance assessments and seeking approval for state aid measures. 

With a profound understanding of EU and national competition law frameworks, we help our clients promote competition, foster innovation  and achieve their policy objectives while complying with legal requirements.

Administrative Proceedings

Administrative proceedings play a crucial role in the public sector, shaping policies, regulations, and decisions that impact communities and individuals. DKCO offers comprehensive legal representation and support in administrative proceedings, including appeals, reviews, and regulatory compliance matters. Whether advocating for clients before administrative bodies or advising on procedural requirements, we leverage our expertise to protect our clients' interests.