Social Responsibility and Sustainability

In endeavoring to contribute to social and economic development, DKCO Attorneys-at-law is running its business in a professional and profitable way, where lawfulness and business ethics are permeating the daily work.

As a law firm and trusted councellor, and thereby a significant actor on the business market, DKCO has a social responsibility but also an opportunity to influence. We have the possibility to affect not only the way we act ourselves, but even how our clients act, and in the long term the whole of society.

Long-term creation of value through ethics and compliance of the laws

DKCO operates in an ethical and professional way both internally and externally. Long-term profitability and increased value may only be achieved in co-operation with the surrounding society.

This is fulfilled by:

  • Upholding local and national laws and regulations, but also international conventions, for example the UN Declaration of Human Rights
  • Applying proper business ethics and acting with great responsibility and with a high level of integrity
  • Observing important matters such as respect for the individual, the environment, health, equality and social commitment
  • Encouraging clients, stakeholders, partners and suppliers to meet relevant standards for social and environmental responsibility in their respective businesses

DKCO's social responsibility as an employer

As an employer, DKCO makes sure that the employees have a healthy working environment in respect of both physical and psychological aspects. We guarantee our employees:

  • A safe and secure working environment
  • Insight in the business, involvement and personal responsibility
  • Equal opportunities regarding tasks and assignments and the possibility to pursua a career
  • Zero tolerance against discrimination



Fair employer

DKCO defends a good work atmosphere, fair employee conditions and the personal development of our lawyers. This supports the company’s strategy in delivering high-class products, recruiting future stars and ensuring a sufficient balance between work and spare time. As an evidence of this, the Association of Finnish Lawyers granted DKCO the right to use the Fair employer – certificate.


Environment and sustainability

DKCO strives to act in a way that is sustainable in the long term from an environmental point of view. DKCO has far developed and digitalized offices where paper documents are minimized. Video conference and other ways of electronical communication is mainly used internally as well as externally. DKCO acts by the following principles:

  • Recycling office material
  • Minimizing the usage of resources, for example by lowering the consumption of electricity and the use of papers
  • Environmental aspects shall always be taken into consideration when estimating profitability and risks in the business

Sponsorship, scholarship and other supportive activities

By sponsoring and donating, DKCO supports children’s activities, sports and culture and those in a particularly vulnerable position in the society. Amongst others, DKCO supports or offers the following activities:

Scholarship and traineeship

Since 2004, DKCO awards an annual scholarship of 1500 euro to stimulate future lawyers. Applications can be made 1.1 – 31.1.  DKCO also offers extensive and continuous trainee opportunities.


DKCO sponsors the sports association IK Falken and their athletes in Pedersöre. The association has a wide range of activities for children and the youth and has through the years raised many successful sportsmen and -women with both national and international success.

The Business Day of Åland

Since 2009, DKCO is one of the main sponsors of the annual Business Day of Åland, which is arranged by Ålands Näringsliv. The Business Day offers world-class lectures and performances and provides the participants great networking opportunities within both Finnish and Swedish business as well as the business community of Åland.

The Tall Ship Pommern

DKCO is a sponsor of the Åland Maritime Museum and particularly the visitor experience ”Pommern – 100 days under sail”.

Friends of Kobba Klintar

Kobba Klintar – a maritime island in the archipelago of Mariehamn, often called the “Ålander statue of liberty”. DKCO is a member of the association ”Friends of Kobba Klintar”, which maintains and preserves the unique maritime and cultural environment of Kobba Klintar.

Business Lab Åland

DKCO has been a proud partner of Business Lab Åland since its beginning in 2015. Business Lab and thereby also DKCO helps entrepreneurs to enter markets and enables a smooth start to the entrepreneurial career. DKCO provides entrepreneurs free legal advice and support in managing necessary paperwork.

Britt Wahlsten

Office Manager
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