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Industrial Innovations

DKCO specializes in providing comprehensive legal solutions to businesses at the forefront of industrial development and we go to great lengths to keep up to date on current business trends.


Our ambition is to stay one step ahead of legal development, especially within our sectors of special focus: renewable energy generation, transmission & storage infrastructure, utilities, heavy industry and construction.

DKCO provides our established and emerging corporate clients with the answers to complex legal and associated strategic questions which arise during the different phases of project development and business transformation. Our lawyers can offer sectoral know-how and experience in:

  • structuring, establishing & reorganizing project vehicles, funds and company groups;
  • managing the administrative processes and contractual aspects of planning, permitting, constructing and operating industrial sites; and 
  • securing commercialization & offtake, access to market and regulatory compliance. 

Complemented by DKCO’s specialist expertise in general corporate law, dispute resolution, employment matters and administrative procedures, our team can ensure that innovative projects and industrial-scale transactions progress and are completed smoothly. Whether you are investing in pioneering energy technologies, commercializing novel manufacturing lines, or managing critical infrastructure, our team is committed to delivering tailored strategies that align with your business objectives and propel you toward success in the ever-evolving industrial landscape.

Strategic Energy, Infrastructure & Industry Development 

Embarking on energy, infrastructure and heavy industry projects requires a strategic approach that balances innovation with regulatory compliance and sustainability. DKCO provides legal support to businesses involved in strategic project development, offering guidance on project structuring, financing, permitting, and regulatory compliance. Whether you are pioneering renewable energy projects, developing critical infrastructure, or navigating complex regulatory frameworks, we offer strategic counsel and practical solutions to drive your projects forward with confidence.

Project Vehicle and Group Structuring, Establishment & Reorganization 

DKCO Attorneys-at-law assists clients in all issues regarding the structuring and establishment of a project vehicle, fund and company group and reorganizations through transactions, conversions, mergers and partitions of companies.

Launching and scaling industrial innovations demand careful planning and organizational agility. DKCO assists businesses in structuring, establishing and reorganizing their operations to maximize value and drive growth. From entity formation and contract drafting to mergers, acquisitions and corporate restructuring, we offer comprehensive legal support tailored to the unique needs and objectives of industrial innovators.

Industrial Planning, Permitting, Construction & Operation

Navigating the permitting, planning and construction processes for industrial projects requires accurate attention to detail and a deep understanding of regulatory requirements. 

DKCO specializes in providing legal support to businesses involved in industrial permitting, planning and construction, offering guidance on regulatory compliance, land use issues, environmental impact assessments and permitting as well as overall project management. Regardless of whether you are developing manufacturing facilities, industrial parks or infrastructure projects, we offer practical solutions to streamline the development process and mitigate risks.

We also deliver comprehensive regulatory compliance and contract management services tailored for the seamless transition into operation of completed industrial projects and the continuous operation of businesses undergoing transformations. With a profound understanding of the complexities of regulatory landscapes, we ensure that your industrial innovations adhere to all relevant laws and regulations, bridge supply chain risks and foster a robust legal framework for all operational endeavors.

Commercialization, Market Access & Regulatory Compliance

Commercialization strategies and offtake agreements, access to markets and compliance with regulatory requirements are critical factors for success in industrial innovation. DKCO provides legal support to businesses seeking commercialization of and market access for their products and services and to navigate regulatory compliance issues. From assessing regulatory risks to developing compliance strategies and securing necessary approvals, we offer strategic counsel and practical solutions to help businesses achieve regulatory compliance and market success in dynamic and highly regulated industries.