OX2 continues planning and development of multiple renewable energy projects on and around the Åland Islands

OX2 is at the forefront of developing renewable energy production and energy transmission infrastructure across the Baltic Sea region, with one particular area of focus being on and around the Åland Islands.

In the year 2023, the offshore wind power projects Noatun North and Noatun South, which OX2 carries out together with Ålandsbanken Fondbolag, saw further progress. Among other things, the environmental impact assessment processes advanced with the conclusion of underwater studies, and comprehensive groundwork was invested into enabling future high-capacity offshore electrical grid interconnections across and between the Åland Islands, Finland and Sweden.

Moreover, OX2 Grönt Åland, who currently develops two separate solar power installations with associated hydrogen production on the Åland mainland, has made substantial progress during 2023. With the launch of a pilot and advancing permitting processes, the projects are well on track towards a production start within 1-2 years.

Particularly inspiring, the Baltic Sea Hydrogen Collector (BHC) project, aiming to build an offshore hydrogen transmission pipeline throughout the Baltic Sea, was in November 2023 granted a place on the European Commission’s list of Projects of Common Interest (PCI). The BHC project, which OX2 is developing together with Gasgrid Finland, Nordion Energy and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, is an integral cog in pan-European plans for an integrated hydrogen market. The planning of the project on and around the Åland Islands raises specific legal questions pertaining to permitting and PCI-status, on which OX2 is advised by DKCO.

The new year has only just arrived and fresh plans, for example to expand the project company group structure, are already in motion. We are eagerly looking forward to seeing OX2’s projects in wind, solar and hydrogen take further steps towards concretization during 2024.

OX2 is continuously advised by DKCO in connection with these projects.