The only constant in life is development

At DKCO we recognize that our most valuable resources are our team members, and we strive towards offering our employees every possible opportunity to develop and learn their craft.

Two of our younger associates, Adine Lagus and Nathalie Jansson, have had the opportunity to attend an online course in Leadership Principles at Harvard Business School. The course is designed to help new or aspiring leaders to discover and utilize potential in themselves and others, as well giving the participants the tools needed to develop and lead high-performing teams. Adine and Nathalie are now halfway through the course and have thus far learned the components of team effectiveness, which they have practiced through immersed self-assessments and practical exercises where they were asked to record videos of themselves reacting to different challenging leadership scenarios.

After completing the course, Adine and Nathalie will share their experiences and lessons learned with DKCO’s partners so that the knowledge can be directly implemented in our firm’s day-to-day operations.