DKCO has completed the annual ISO 9001 quality audit

DKCO Attorneys-at-law and its management system has been ISO 9001 certified since 2009 and one of only a handful ISO certified law firms on the market. The purpose of the annual audit is to establish that DKCO still fulfills the requirements set by the standard.

The ISO 9001 certificate that DNV GL issues requires continuous development of the target company in the form of more efficient processes, leadership and appropriate follow up on efficiency as well as customer satisfaction. The certified companies are expected to apply effective risk management methods that are tailored to their own conditions. During this years audit we also discussed the growing demand for sustainability and corporate social responsibility that customers and other stakeholders expect from a modern business. In today’s business climate it is also important to acknowledge that additional processes and technology does not automatically equate to added value; tangible value is only achieved by understanding and focusing such processes and technology in accordance with their actual purpose.

The ISO-certification and its requirement of continuous improvement has been a contributing factor in the development of DKCO’s business model, that is comparable in efficiency to even the largest competitors on the Finnish market.