DKCO corporate social responsibility in the Corona crisis – what can we do?

We live in a time where there is no longer room for only the need of ourselves, but a time when we need to consider and adapt to needs of others. Vigorous companies will be vital for the society and the economy to be able to rise from the ashes of the Corona crisis. Every company and work community should ask itself the question, what can we do to help others?

Our role as a legal advisor is to enable companies to adapt to the new conditions in terms of costs, business activities and contracts. It is our responsibility to find solutions and to make sure every these solutions are compliant and valid. The risks are significant when companies are challenged by rapid changes and reconstruction needs. Our mission is to make sure these risks are known to the companies and can be considered in the decision making process. This way we can contribute to companies and the society being better prepared when we have made it through the Corona crisis.

It is our responsibility to use the unique experience we have of the mindset of banks, insurance companies and authorities in relation to corporations and businesses, so that these parties, suppliers and contractors, as well as banks and borrowers, can cooperate efficiently in these difficult times. Our business is to assist companies when quick adjustments are needed in e.g. facility agreements, collateral security arrangements, or in supply or construction contracts in case of liquidity crisis or situations of force majeure. The need of urgent public procurements is greater than ever, which requires a solid analysis and judgement. A part of our social function is also to be the advisor of the employers in cooperation negotiations, redundancies and other HR-matters, so that these issues can be handled in a correct, smooth and rapid manner.

Flexibility and possibilities for companies to adapt today will be crucial for their existence tomorrow – and every day thereafter until the Corona crisis is over. Cooperation is of great necessity and the government, labour market parties and both governmental and private financiers do what they can to create this flexibility. At DKCO, we do everything we can to help companies to utilize the flexibility, to enable them to fast adapt to the current situation and so they can be prepared to resume their normal business as quickly as possibly when this is over, without exposing themselves to unconsidered risks in the process. Together we can carry the society and business life forward.