DKCO advises OX2 in the development of an offshore windpower project

DKCO advises OX2 (publ) in the development of offshore windpower project Noatun. OX2 (publ) and Ålandsbanken Funds Ltd. have signed a Memorandum of Understanding regarding the development of the offshore wind farm project Noatun south of Åland Islands.

Project Noatun is in an early phase and is expected to consist of approximately 250 wind turbines that will provide 20 TWh per year, which corresponds to the annual electricity consumption for approximately four million households. In addition to an offshore wind farm within the Sea of Åland, the project includes a grid solution for the distribution of electricity to Åland, Sweden, Finland and Estonia.

DKCO has advised OX2 (publ) for the last two years with all legal aspects relating to project Noatun.