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“I already knew that DKCO’s lawyers were knowledgeable, but I have been especially impressed by the firms advanced processes and working methods”,

says Gunnar Westerlund that joined the firm in an advisory capacity after 24 years as a partner at one of the country’s leading law firms.

DKCO facilitates success by working in close collaboration with their clients, by personal commitment on all levels and by offering bold solutions. DKCO deliver what you need – plus the little extra that makes all the difference.

At DKCO we work together as a team and have easy access to each others shared expertise and experience. It also means that we constantly support and challenge each other to improve and serve our clients better.

”DKCO has a strong focus on creating value – our clients pay for advice and solutions, not hours” Westerlund finishes.

DKCO Gunnar Westerlund

Advanced business law

DKCO Attorneys-at-law serve its clients in English, Finnish and Swedish, and have a broad experience of serving international clients and working with complex international cases.

DKCO’s expertise covers all aspects of advanced business law with in-depth specialist competence in the areas of corporate and financial law, commercial contracts, employment law and public procurement. DKCO provide services for businesses, entrepreneurs and public entities.

DKCO’s clients have an easy access to the lawyer, who does the work. This means fever intermediaries and an effective communication. At DKCO we believe one of the best tools to achieve our client’s goals is an honest and unimpeded flow of information between lawyers and clients.


“We have long experience of working in close cooperation despite geographically diverse resources. We are proud to say that we all share the same foundation of principles that guide us in our day-to-day work; Entrepreneurship, integrity, initiative and honesty” says attorney Nathalie Myrskog who has been a part of DKCO since 2014.

“Our lawyers have a broad and diverse background of experiences. We have first hand experience from a large number of fields, amongst others the national tax authority, the judiciary, the bank- and finance sector and the insurance field” continues Myrskog, who apart from being a lawyer and an attorney also has a masters degree in economics.

DKCO Nathalie Myrskog

“DKCO Attorneys-at-law is a community with low hierarchy and good spirit.”

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Advanced business law in English, Finnish and Swedish.