DKCO – over 25 years of service

DKCO Attorneys-at-law was founded over 25 years ago in a marketplace where entrepreneurial spirit and integrity have always been of the utmost importance, and where creativity and innovation has always been a necessity. Already at the outset, our ambition was to be a new generation law firm that works in close cooperation with its clients to create the conditions necessary for successful business.

Over the years we have developed a successful business model where we create client value by identifying problems and focusing on solutions instead of obstacles. We believe in honest work and bold solutions. We will always prioritise long term solutions before fast profits, which can be seen in our client work as well as our internal functions. We have never and will never compromise these values.

We have identified internal processes that allow us to focus on creating value – our clients pay for solutions.

Services for businesses and public entities

At DKCO Attorneys-at-law we serve our clients in English, Finnish and Swedish, and we have broad experience of serving international clients and working with complex international cases. Our expertise covers all aspects of advanced business law with in-depth specialist competence in the areas of corporate and financial law, commercial contracts, employment law and public procurement. We provide services for businesses, entrepreneurs and public entities.

How we work

We facilitate success by working in close collaboration with our clients, by personal commitment on all levels and by offering bold solutions. Our aim is seamless cooperation and straightforward communication. We deliver what you need – plus the little extra that makes all the difference.

DKCO’s attorneys are specialized in advanced business law and have cutting-edge expertise in the areas of corporate and financing matters as well matters regarding commercial contracts and employment law. We serve a wide range of clients such as insurance and industrial companies, family businesses, banks, publicly owned corporations and public entities.

At DKCO Attorneys-at-law we work together as a team and have easy access to each others shared expertise and experience. It also means that we constantly support and challenge each other to improve and serve our clients better. Flexibility is key, and our ability to freely allocate resources regardless of location ensures that we can always give our clients the help they need in a timely manner even during periods of intense case loads. Knowledge management is an integral part of our daily routine and supports our efficient and solution orientated approach to legal services.

These methods and values, always with our client’s best interests at heart, ensures the continuous development of our experience and our competence as professionals.